Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Closer look at the re construction

When the powder river was being built I knew some day their would be a move.  The bench work was built with that in mind.  Each brace was attached to the wall with one 3” screw in the center of the five  the other four are 3/4" and don’t get into the dry wall.  This made it easy to remember how and ware everything was attached to the walls.  Once the 3” screws are removed the whole straight section is removed and was reinstalled the same way.This was is the island section from the powder river and a bit harder to remove. It was 48” wide on the lower level and wont fit through any doorway.  It had to be unbolted from upright tree and dropped down like a pair of jeans to fit through the doors.  below  is on the powder river
above is the island and back drop now separate from each other but reused just about everything here was pulled from the walls and hung end to end.  The tracks and back drop still attached to each section.  

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